Cody Kostbar was a member of Missouri Business Alert sales and marketing teams back in 2013-2014. Although he is no longer an employee here at MBA, his influence still remains today. We asked Cody a couple of questions regarding his time at MBA. See his answers below.

Why were you interested in working at MBA?

“My primary interest in MBA came from it being at the intersection of business and journalism, two fields which truly compliment each other, but are rarely utilized in the same space. “Business news” and “journalism” are often thought of as two separate things, but the intersectional points are very fascinating. The opportunity to learn about both the newsroom (and field of journalism) and the business world is a great opportunity for hands-on education.”

What do you think MBA offers to the business community?

“MBA offers great news stories for the business world, as well as the opportunity to easily stay abreast of the business world. By providing up-to-date news stories to the business community, as well as the unique features such as newsletters, there is a wealth of knowledge it can provide.”

What skills did you learn at MBA that you still use in your daily career and/or helped you advance your career?

“MBA is a great place to gain all sorts of knowledge and skills. Whether it’s learning sales and marketing techniques and journalism skills, or the soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and a strong work ethic, the skills that you can hone at MBA will be able to impact you and your career for a very long time.”

What is your favorite memory of working at MBA?

“My favorite memory of MBA was a trip out to Kansas City for a networking event held at Boulevard’s brewery. The ability to spend quality time with the team, and then grow the MBA network throughout the state of Missouri, made a great trip. However, the entire experience at MBA was one that I truly cherished. The great people that work there made every day a time that you knew you were going to try something new or be pushed to grow better than the day you were before. That’s a great environment to have, either in a newsroom or a business, and especially in the places where they overlap.”

Now that MBA is 5 years old and still progressing every day, what do you hope to see for the future of MBA?

“The continued growth of MBA as a business news leader is my hope for the future. With the ability to stay ahead of the curve, MBA is well-positioned to be providing high-quality business journalism to Missouri’s business community for years to come.”

Thank you again, Cody, for your contributions to MBA. You’ve helped us become the reliable business outlet that we are today.