A St. Louis flag flies above the riverfront along the Mississippi River.| Michael Stacy/Missouri Business Alert

CHART: Where in Missouri average wages are highest and lowest

The average worker in every Missouri county made less than $30 per hour in 2018 across both the public and private sector, according to new data from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, or MERIC.

Workers in the city of St. Louis had the highest hourly and annual wages in 2018 at $29.11 and $60,542, respectively.

Oregon County in the southern part of the state had the lowest hourly and annual wages, which were $12.09 and $25,145, respectively.

The statewide average was $49,050 annually and $23.58 hourly.

MERIC calculates average hourly wages by dividing total wages by average employment by 2,080 hours. Annual wages are calculated by diving total wages by average employment across all industries.

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