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Joplin businessman David Humphreys is Missouri’s rising Republican mega-donor

A Missouri mega-donor is on the rise.

David Humphreys, president and CEO of TAMKO Building Products, is hardly a newcomer to Missouri Republican politics. But the Joplin businessman has snapped into the spotlight in recent months.

There are his massive political donations, totaling more than $17 million in the 2016 election and so far this year. There’s also his big victory on right-to-work legislation in Jefferson City, a long-sought policy change for this anti-union crusader.

And then there are the pay-to-play allegations, which have landed Humphreys in the middle of an ethics imbroglio and made him a favorite target of Missouri Democrats.

Allies say Humphreys is whip-smart, deeply thoughtful, and just as generous to charitable causes in Joplin as he is to Republican politicians in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C. Detractors say he’s an ultra-rich bully who uses his money to buy votes and power.

For his part, Humphreys says he is laser-focused on making Missouri a better place, whether that means opening his wallet for needy students in Joplin or supporting conservative candidates who will make the state’s economy grow.

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