A banner on UMKC's campus. |Erika Peepo/Missouri Business Alert

UMKC fundraising campaign clears $250 million goal

A banner on UMKC's campus. |Erika Peepo/Missouri Business Alert
Erika Peepo/Missouri Business Alert

The University of Missouri-Kansas City’s “Campaign for UMKC” has raised more than $250 million and aims to raise more in the near future.

On Thursday, the UMKC Foundation, a nonprofit organization that serves as the fundraising and fund management entity for UMKC, announced it beat its seven-year fundraising goal of $250 million by $20 million — one year ahead of schedule.

The fundraising campaign, launched in 2009, has gathered more than 300,000 individual gifts, including more than 30 gifts of $1 million or more.

Tom Hyde, a campaign chair, said there are still many unmet needs at UMKC. For example, the university needs more space for its School of Computing and Engineering, more endowed chairs to attract top faculty to UMKC and more money for scholarships.

The campaign will continue through June 2016.

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