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Higher bills may follow emerging truce in telecom price wars

Consumers have benefited from the four leading wireless carriers’ battle for market share, with slashed prices, enticing promotions and tit-for-tat undercutting.

But The Wall Street Journal (paywall) reports that with prices stabilizing, higher bills could be on the horizon.

Overland Park, Kan.-based Sprint Corp. has said the end might be nigh for discounts, bringing increasing rates. Verizon Communications Inc. already has raised prices on its service plans. And prime agitator T-Mobile US Inc. also has upped prices and is open to similar moves in the future, the report says. AT&T Inc. hasn’t changed its prices for almost a year.

The big four all have seen declines in average revenue per user in the past two years, ranging from an 18.1 percent drop for Sprint to a 9.4 percent decrease for T-Mobile.

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