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New research facilities mark biggest milestone of Monsanto’s $400 million Chesterfield expansion

Monsanto executives christened the company’s new Chesterfield facility Friday at a ceremony attended by Bayer representatives, taking the occasion to also hint at the anticipated direction of Monsanto’s future, with the two companies looking to complete their $63.5 billion merger in the first quarter of 2018.

Regardless of the ownership that awaits the company, Monsanto officials emphasized that the Chesterfield campus would retain its place as a center of innovation for agricultural science — a status they say is only further anchored by the recent completion of the new, 400,000-square-foot research building showcased Friday, and by the pending merger.

The new building accommodates 250 research labs and represents “by far the biggest milestone” within the company’s $400-million expansion that began in 2013, said a company spokesperson.

About 350 employees from Monsanto’s regulatory affairs team have also recently transitioned to the Chesterfield campus, many of whom are now housed in the new building. They had previously been stationed at the company’s Creve Coeur headquarters.

Executive Vice President Robert Fraley said “significant progress” was being made in the merger process, as Bayer and Monsanto seek approval from antitrust regulators in dozens of countries. He said over half of those countries have signed off already, with the U.S. and Europe representing the main exceptions thus far.

If the merger goes through, Fraley said Monsanto’s expanded St. Louis operations would be the headquarters for seeds and traits research and for the combined companies’ operations in North America — which he said remains the largest market for sales.

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