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Missouri Chamber helps small businesses band together under one health plan

Tired of the price of health insurance, some small businesses in Missouri are coming together under a new health plan offered by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

After members pleaded with the organization to do something about their health care woes, the chamber decided to explore the option of starting a type of plan that would allow its members to join together to form a pool, like a large employer, with the hope of reducing costs.

Some brokers say the interest from small businesses has been significant.

Already more than 150 small businesses have joined, representing more than 1,500 employees, said Brendan Cossette, chief operating officer for Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

The coverage is through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and is available to employers with two to 50 employees and members of the chamber. The caveat is it’s only available in the areas where Anthem operates. Generally speaking, the coverage is not available in the Kansas City area and northwest Missouri, Cossette said.

Employers have until February to enroll in the plan. Benefit options include preferred provider organizations and health savings accounts.

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