Missouri government sees higher turnover as economy improves

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

A spike in people quitting their jobs is often viewed positively by economists, as a sign of a healthy job market. But for the Missouri state government, turnover is something of an epidemic.

Turnover for more than 46,000 positions at executive branch agencies in the state last year was 17 percent, up from a low of 12 during the recession. Voluntary turnover, which doesn’t include terminations or retirements, hit 11.1 percent, its highest mark for at least a decade.

Following several years of no raises or small raises for state workers, employees received a 1 percent raise starting Jan. 1. But the proposed budget for next year that recently passed the house didn’t call for raises for Missouri employees, who are among the lowest-paid state employees in the nation.

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