Kansas City’s gas prices lower than last year, but not as low as elsewhere

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Kansas City’s gas prices are about 68 cents cheaper per gallon this year than last. But drivers still pay more in Kansas City than they do in surrounding cities. | Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Compared with this time last year, Kansas Citians should be feeling a little giddy about the price of gas.

On Friday, the average price for a gallon of regular gas was $2.60 on the Missouri side of Kansas City, down nearly 68 cents from a year ago, according to the Daily Fuel Gauge Report from AAA.

Diesel is down even more — the average price in Kansas City was $2.50 per gallon on Friday, down $1.13 from a year ago, according to AAA.

But that euphoria might be tempered a bit when drivers leave Kansas City and find prices for regular gas as much as 21 cents less per gallon in some cities. And you don’t have to drive too far to find the cheaper gas.

In Lawrence, for example, the average price per gallon of regular gas was $2.56; Topeka, $2.45; Columbia, $2.41; and Wichita and Springfield, $2.39. Even St. Louis, at $2.53, has cheaper gas than Kansas City.

In the AAA report, only drivers in Kansas City, Kan., at $2.67, were paying more for gas than Kansas City — typical, given Kansas’ higher fuel sales tax.

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