In Pitchin’ Episode 3, student entrepreneurs get real about their struggles

As a veterinary medicine student and the founder of an early-stage startup, Libby Martin keeps her calendar chockablock — classes, clinic, meetings, exams, emails, studying, more emails.

Some nights, she’ll plug away until 2 or 3, only to wake up the next day and repeat the routine all over.

“It’s really hard for me to get up in the morning,” Martin said. “It’s tough. But it’s starting to get to the point where we’re marking progress, so if I have to put in the extra hour at night … I know it’s, like, paying off.”

Such is life for many student entrepreneurs, who forgo sleep and any number of other typical collegiate comforts in the name of building businesses.

Martin and other startup founders from the University of Missouri discuss their sacrifices in the latest episode of Pitchin’, a podcast following three student entrepreneurs as they juggle school and startups while preparing for a pitch competition that could change their fortunes.

In Episode 3, we explore struggles, looking at what these entrepreneurs give up because of their startups — and why they believe those sacrifices are worth it.

If you’re new to Pitchin’, here’s what you need to get up to speed:

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