Speaking Startup: The big investor pitch moves online

For 20 years, the InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum has provided an annual opportunity for Midwestern startup founders to pitch in front of a room full of investors, typically in either Kansas City or St. Louis.

This year, that room full of investors is moving online.

Due to COVID-19, InvestMidwest will take place remotely this year. The conference is teaming up with the Midwest Growth Capital Symposium, an annual event held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to host a series of startup pitches and investor meetings over the internet.

“We’ve tried to create some of those experiences to mimic, if you will, that chat after a pitch or that meeting in a hallway,” said Phyllis Ellison, executive director of InvestMidwest.

Ellison joined this week’s podcast to discuss the process of moving the event online, and what ramifications the pandemic might have for early-stage investment.

Plus, in the face of the coronavirus, resilience is a must for entrepreneurs who hope to help their businesses survive. Missouri Business Alert’s Isabelle Robles has been reporting on entrepreneurial resilience and joined the podcast to discuss a panel discussion she hosted on that very subject.

The Speaking Startup podcast explores news and issues important to Missouri entrepreneurs. Find more Speaking Startup on our website or wherever you get podcasts.


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