Speaking Startup: Fun with non-fungible tokens

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have been drawing lots of attention — and investment — in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the digital artist Beeple set a record for the sale price of an NFT when a piece of digital art he created sold at auction for more than $69 million.

But it’s not just artists that are tapping into the capabilities of NFTs, which are unique digital assets whose ownership is authenticated using blockchain technology. Early adopters of NFTs say the technology has potential for use across a variety of industries.

In this week’s episode of the Speaking Startup podcast, some of those early adopters project what the adoption of NFTs could mean for the broader business world.

Plus, the owners of live music venues and the performers whose careers rely on those venues have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Though some have shuttered, others in Missouri have found ways to keep going — and a new wave of federal aid is expected to provide more relief.

The Speaking Startup podcast explores news and issues important to Missouri entrepreneurs. Find more Speaking Startup on our website or wherever you get podcasts.

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