Chase Daniel: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Former MU quarterback great Chase Daniel returned to the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business to speak about his successful apparel company, 10STAR.

A current member of the New Orleans Saints, Daniel gained valuable experience and tools during his time as an undergrad. These tools have propelled his career not only as an athlete, but as a successful member of a company that prints more than a million shirts a year.

Daniel reiterated a simple word throughout his keynote, invest. Invest in your relationships, yourself and your future. This investment has become Daniel’s tenant throughout the adversarial world that is the National Football League and the retail world.

Daniel stressed that his failures on the field led his to confidence when he initially approached representatives at B&E Industries without any prior business acumen. He acknowledged that his unconventional journey as an All-American Texas high school quarterback playing at Missouri has benefited him in constructing a business.

“I wanted to be part of something not yet built. I wanted to build something.”


Daniel has an aura of genuine confidence that you rarely find with people. It’s not a rah-rah attitude, or a condescending elitist smug, but a confidence that he has developed from always being told he wasn’t good enough.

From not being heavily recruited in his home state of Texas, to being undrafted because he was ‘too short’ to be an effective quarterback in the NFL, Daniel has continually had to prove he was able to compete, and to no one’s surprise, he faced the same questions when he wanted to start his own apparel line.

However, he continued to learn and surround himself with people he knew could trust and rely on when growing pains occurred.

“Surrounding yourself with the right people is something I have always done.”

Before the question-and-answer segment began, Daniel offered up a piece of advice that seemed to reverberate in the eardrums of everyone in the auditorium.

“Be willing to do any small task to help you reach your long term goals.”

Advice that applies on and off the field.

Q & A

How do you set time for yourself?

“To be honest there is no alone time. I chose to have this life.” Daniel continued by adding how even finding an hour of solace is crucial to him staying healthy, both physically and mentally, during the grind that is the NFL season and working on managing his business.

How has the NFL lifestyle helped you in the business world?

“Preparation for me leads to confidence on the field and in the business world.” Daniel stressed how he watches between 30-40 hours of tape with New Orleans Saints All-Pro quarterback, Drew Brees, every week before facing an opponent. This level of commitment has transferred over to the business world, he says.

How did you end up in the apparel business?

“Well, I hope people are always wearing clothing,” Daniel joked. By going back to his roots at SouthLake Carroll High School to sell apparel was a great starting place for him and his business.

How did you build your team?

“They had to be qualified, smart, trustworthy and I had to be able to communicate (with them).” Daniel praised his staff for how committed they are to the company and how he communicates with them every Tuesday after practice to detail their workflow for the week.

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