Wash U Students Launch Text Reject Website

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When it comes to dating there are usually two outcomes — rejection or the next step. That next step usually comes with a prize in the form of the other person’s phone number. But what if you’re not interested in that particular person, but you don’t want to leave that guy or gal with nothing? Well, daters, you now have options.

Philip Thomas and Andrew Hess, engineering students at Washington University, created the website TextReject.com to offer people an alternative to handing out a fake phone number. The application provides specialized phone numbers for people to hand out in place of their own. When the unwanted suitor calls or texts that number they’ll get a cathy response, such as:

“Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I gave you a TextReject.com number, so don’t call me baby.”

It appears the service is in high demand. In fact, when TextReject.com went live on Oct. 4, it experienced thousands of views and over 250 text messages in its first few hours.

Hess and Thomas created the website after witnessing one of their friends giving away a cell phone number to a stranger while in line at Steak ‘n’ Shake near campus. They wanted to create an extra layer of defense against unwanted suitors, so they set out planning and programming a website, which one week later turned into Text Reject. The service is currently available in five cities.

Read more on St. Louis Business Journal.

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