St. Louis-based InveSTL, OverFundIt Help In Funding Local Communities

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Two Kickstarter-like start-ups recently appeared in St. Louis to help people fund their local communities.

Meet InveSTL and OverFundIt.

Though they’re going about it in their own ways, the people behind both have some things in common, too. They are not counting on the government to improve their neighborhoods, and both think that, given some options, people will show up and do it themselves.

Both InveSTL and OverFundIt will officially go live in the next few months. Then, they’ll be asking for people with ideas, for people with money, and for people who are ready to stop talking and start doing.

“If you want change in your neighborhood, you need to role up your sleeves and go out and plant a garden yourself,” says Travis Sheridan, with OverFundIt, “or help someone plant a garden, or give someone money to plant a garden, and go out and enjoy it.”

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