One On One With John Hall, CEO Of Influence & Co.

John Hall | Photo courtesy of Hall
John Hall | Photo courtesy of Hall” credit=” 

John Hall, co-founder and CEO of Columbia-based Influence & Co., is taking a lead in the digital space and preparing for the next stage of his life.

Since starting the company, formerly known as Digital Talent Agents, in January 2012, Hall and co-founder Kelsey Meyer have expanded their team from two to more than 60 employees, becoming one of the largest content distributors online in less than two years. Hall said Influence & Co. will be responsible for more than 2,000 original pieces of content that is placed in publications in the next year.

As the company’s website states, Influence & Co. is “in the business of your business.” Hall and his team work with clients to build credibility and influence in a competitive, media-driven world by identifying unique business objectives, a target audience and the best strategy to achieve company goals.

Through Hall’s involvement in the Young Entrepreneur Council and contribution to publications such as Forbes and the Huffington Post, Hall provides leadership and insight to other entrepreneurs.

Hall will soon be a father, as he and his wife Lindsay are expecting their first child this month.

He said he keeps things pretty low-key outside of work. “There’s nothing too crazy or exciting,” Hall said. “I’m just preparing for the next stage of my life. And when it’s not that, I spend a lot of time learning about stuff that’s related to work.”

Missouri Business Alert sat down with Hall recently for a conversation about his first business venture, his definition of success and more.

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