St. Louis Entrepreneur Brings Back ‘Baseball Cards,’ With A Twist

Photo courtesy from Apple online store
Photo courtesy from Apple online store

Nostalgic for a bygone era when baseball cards were very popular, Matt Sebek, a sports and technology nut who runs the humor site, has collaborated with a team of developers to create an iPhone app called Rookies that modernizes baseball cards.

With this app, users will be able to create personalized baseball cards with their own picture — or that of their child or dog or whatever — and then can share it on Facebook. And then they can get them printed through the app into baseball cards that look and feel like the old trading cards.

Sebek envisions a range of uses for the personalized cards ranging from business cards to invitations to children’s parties to wedding announcements. The price for a pack of 20 cards will be $12.99 — but the app and sharing the images online will be free.

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