Forbes List Includes Two Missouri Businesses

A company in the Kansas City area and another in metro St. Louis made the Forbes list of top small businesses. Based on its return on equity, sales growth and earnings growth, NIC Inc. claimed the No. 11 spot. The Olathe-based company, which develops Web portals for state agencies, had $238 million in sales, a five-year sales growth of 20 percent and earnings-per-share growth of 19 percent. Clayton-based FutureFuel, a manufacturer of custom and performance chemicals and biofuels, was No. 63 on the Forbes list of the best-performing public companies in the U.S. with sales under $1 billion. Forbes noted FutureFuel’s sales of $361 million over the last 12 months ended this month, with 16 percent five-year annualized sales growth, 18 percent five-year annualized earnings-per-share growth and five-year average return on equity of 12 percent.

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