Bloomberg’s Jason Kelly on entrepreneurship in the health-and-fitness industry

There’s the saying “no pain, no gain” that is a time-worn adage for dealing with the struggle and challenge that comes with exercise and keeping fit.

But burning calories and sticking to a strict health regimen isn’t all grind. For many people, there’s delight and passion involved with working out and pushing themselves to new physical limits. And for some, that passion can be a seed for a business idea.

Jason Kelly, Bloomberg’s New York bureau chief and author of “Sweat Equity: Inside the New Economy of Mind and Body,” explains the tie-in between a devotion to fitness and a certain entrepreneurial spirit. There is often, Kelly says, a mixture of professional and personal for founders in the health-and-fitness space:

“If you go back 40, 50 years — certainly if you go back several generations, you know, people worked nine to five, they went to an office. That part of them was very separate from what they were doing at home. I think, especially the younger cohort, whether it’s Millennials or even people of my generation, Generation X, and certainly folks even younger than that, approach work and life as much more integrated, whether it’s through their social connections or even just how they conduct their day-to-day lives.

“And I think, importantly a lot of the people who are creating these companies, who have created these companies and who will, do come at this from a very personal angle. This is something they’ve had. They have had a near religious or spiritual experience about how this changed their lives.”

To hear an excerpt from Kelly’s interview with Three Broke Mice’s Kara Tabor, check out the audio below.

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