Election roundup: Activist Bush ousts Clay in St. Louis; other incumbents prevail

Missourians cast their votes Tuesday in primaries for positions including five statewide elected offices and eight U.S. Congressional seats. Aside from one race, every incumbent seeking statewide office or a Congressional seat won on Tuesday.

The one exception was in St. Louis. Cori Bush, a Black Lives Matter activist who has received backing from the progressive wing of the Democratic party, defeated Rep. Lacy Clay in a primary for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District. Bush captured 48.6% of the votes to Clay’s 45.5%, according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State’s office.

Clay has held the seat since 2001, and his father, Bill Clay, served in Congress for more than three decades prior. That means 2021 will mark the first time in more than 50 years that a Clay will not represent St. Louis on Capitol Hill.

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In the gubernatorial race, Gov. Mike Parson won the Republican nomination with 75% of the vote. State Auditor Nicole Galloway won the Democratic gubernatorial primary by an even larger margin, claiming 84.6% of the vote. Candidates for the Green and Libertarian parties ran uncontested and will compete against Parson and Galloway for the state’s top elected office.

Since taking office, Parson has expressed a desire to fund both K-12 and higher education, although budget deficits caused by the pandemic forced him to make cuts this year. He opposed the Medicaid expansion measure that passed Tuesday. Workforce development and infrastructure improvements have been among Parson’s favorite causes since he took office in 2018. A former sheriff, he has recently taken a more vocal stance against violent crime in the state, calling a special session to address the issue.

Galloway has drawn on her experience as auditor and called for increased governmental transparency and accountability. Her campaign is focused on a “New Way” platform, which centers on expanded health care, increased oversight of police departments and structural changes in both public health and the economy in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. Galloway was a strong advocate for the amendment to expand Medicaid that voters approved Tuesday.

Other races for state-level offices saw familiar faces receiving nominations, as Republican incumbents will run for lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer in November. Parson and Lt. Gov Mike Kehoe were the only Republican statewide office holders to face primary opponents.

In the closest primary for any statewide office, Rich Finneran won the Democratic nomination for attorney general, edging out fellow St. Louis attorney Elad Gross by a margin of 55.3% to 44.6%. In the only other contested statewide primary, former Kansas City Councilwoman Alissia Canady, who ran unsuccessfully last year for mayor of the city, won the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor, capturing 73.6% of the vote.

Parties’ candidates for November’s general election are listed below.

  • Democratic – Nicole Galloway, 84.6%; Eric Morrison, 6%; Jimmie Matthews, 3.8%; Antoin Johnson, 3.8%; Robin John Daniel Van Quaethem, 1.8%
  • Green – Jerome Howard Bauer, unopposed
  • Libertarian – Rik Combs, unopposed
  • Republican – Mike Parson, 75.1%; Saundra McDowell, 12.2%; James W. (Jim) Neely, 8.7%; Raleigh Ritter, 4%
Lieutenant governor
  • Democratic – Alissia Canady, 73.6%; Gregory A. Upchurch, 26.4%
  • Green – Kelley Dragoo, unopposed
  • Libertarian – Bill Slantz, unopposed
  • Republican – Mike Kehoe, 59%; Mike Carter, 26.3%; Aaron T. Wisdom, 8.7%; Arnie C. AC Dienoff, 5.9%
Attorney general
  • Democratic – Rich Finneran, 55.3%; Elad Gross, 44.6%
  • Libertarian – Kevin C. Babcock, unopposed
  • Republican – Eric Schmitt, unopposed
Secretary of state
  • Constitution – Paul Venable, unopposed
  • Democratic – Yinka Faleti, unopposed
  • Green – Paul Lehmann, unopposed
  • Libertarian – Carl Herman Freese, unopposed
  • Republican – John R. (Jay) Ashcroft, unopposed
  • Democratic – Vicki Lorenz Englund, unopposed
  • Green – Joseph Civettini, unopposed
  • Libertarian – Nicholas (Nick) Kasoff, unopposed
  • Republican – Scott Fitzpatrick, unopposed
U.S. Representative – District 1
  • Democratic – Cori Bush, 48.6%; Lacy Clay, 45.5%; Katherine (Kat) Bruckner, 5.9%
  • Libertarian – Alex Furman, unopposed
  • Republican – Anthony Rogers , 61.6%; Winnie Heartstrong, 38.4%
U.S. Representative – District 2
  • Democratic – Jill Schupp, unopposed
  • Libertarian – Martin Schulte, unopposed
  • Republican – Ann Wagner, unopposed
U.S. Representative – District 3
  • Democratic – Megan Rezabek, 66.9%; Dennis Oglesby, 33.1%
  • Libertarian – Leonard J Steinman II, unopposed
  • Republican – Blaine Luetkemeyer, 74.8%; Brandon Wilkinson, 14.7%; Lynette Trares, 3.9%; Jeffrey Nowak, 3.3%; Adela Wisdom, 3.2%
U.S. Representative – District 4
  • Democratic – Lindsey Simmons, unopposed
  • Libertarian – Steven K. Koonse, 53.4%; Robert E. Smith, 46.7%
  • Republican – Vicky Hartzler, 76.6%; Neal Gist, 23.4%
U.S. Representative – District 5
  • Democratic – Emanuel Cleaver II, 85.3%; Maite Salazar, 14.7%
  • Libertarian – Robin Dominick, unopposed
  • Republican – Ryan Derks, 35.4%; Jerry W. Barham, 28.9%; Clay Chastain, 19.2%; Weldon (Wilbur) Woodward, 6.1%; R H (Twin Bears) Hess, 5.6%; Richonda Oaks, 4.8%
U.S. Representative – District 6
  • Democratic – Gena L. Ross, 33%; Ramona Farris, 26.8%; Henry Martin, 21.3%; Charles West 15.7%; Donald Robert Sartain, 3.3%
  • Libertarian – Jim Higgins, unopposed
  • Republican – Sam Graves, 80%; Chris Ryan, 20%
U.S. Representative – District 7
  • Democratic – Teresa Montseny, unopposed
  • Libertarian – Kevin Craig, unopposed
  • Republican – Billy Long, 66.1%; Eric Harleman, 11.5%; Kevin VanStory, 10%; Steve Chentnik, 7.1%; Camille Lombardi-Olive, 5.7%
U.S. Representative – District 8
  • Democratic – Kathy Ellis, unopposed
  • Libertarian – Tom Schmitz, unopposed
  • Republican – Jason Smith, unopposed


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