Missouri House overrides veto of ‘paycheck protection’ bill

On Wednesday, House members overturned Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of the so-called paycheck protection bill, which would bar public employee labor unions from withholding dues from workers’ checks without their written permission.

Proponents of the measure say it prevents teachers and other government workers from being forced to contribute to political activities they don’t support. Critics argue that unlike membership in a public employee union is voluntary, and that workers can quit a union at any time.

The measure now heads back to the Senate, which one year ago completely shut down after Republicans forced a vote on another of organized labor’s most despised bills — the so-called right-to-work measure.

House Democrats warned that voting to override Nixon’s veto would mean setting up another potential blowup in the Senate, dooming many bills that have yet to win final passage.

Read more: Kansas City Star, St. Louis Public Radio

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