Roy Blunt holds narrow lead over Jason Kander in Senate race

Jason Kander is within striking distance of GOP Sen. Roy Blunt, according to a new poll of Missourians by Public Polling Policy.

Meanwhile, although Missourians prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, a surprising number like the idea of a meteor hitting the planet more than voting for either of the presumptive presidential nominees.

Blunt has support from 41 percent of the votes, with Democrat Kander just behind at 38 percent, within the 3.2 percent margin of error in the survey of 959 registered Missouri voters conducted July 11-12.

Only 31 percent of voters approve of the job Blunt is doing, while 42 percent disapprove. Within the GOP, 49 percent approve of him and 26 percent disapprove.  However, Kander is more popular with Republicans than Blunt is with the Democrats. But even with the election less than four months 62 percent of voters aren’t sure of whether they have a favorable or unfavorable view of Kander.

Blunt’s unpopularity could be a result of his stances against certain issues being at odds with voter sentiment. The Republican-led Senate has refused to hold hearings for Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court, but 59 percent of voters want the nomination move forward.

While Blunt, the top recipient of donations from NRA in Congress opposes expanded background checks, but 84 percent support them in Missouri, while 81 percent support banning firearm sales to people on Terror Watch List.

However, if voters vote strictly upon party lines, then Blunt’s chances of keeping his seat are greatly improved. Among those undecided between Blunt and Kander, 47 percent will vote for Trump, compared with 30 percent for Clinton.

However, 12 percent support for a giant meteor hitting the earth if Trump and Clinton are the only other options. But when the options are limited to actual candidates, Trump leads Clinton by 10 points, the same margin Mitt Romney beat President Barack Obama in 2012. However in swing states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania, Clinton leads by four points at 44 to 40 and 46 to 42 respectively. But at the national level,

Things look better for Clinton in key swing states Ohio, where she leads 44-40, and Pennsylvania, where she leads 46 to 42. This contrasts with a Quinnipiac University poll released earlier this week that showed Trump leading in Pennsylvania and tied with Clinton in Ohio.

GOP voters haven’t coalesced around any of the candidates to be the party’s nominee for governor. Eric Greitens has 24 percent, Catherine Hanaway has 22 percent, John Brunner at 16 percent, Peter Kinder at 15 percent; 23 percent are undecided.


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