Incumbents face little opposition, raise big bucks anyway

Fundraising is a perpetual motion machine for many in Missouri’s congressional delegation, where recent competition at the ballot box has been scarce, but coffer-building churns on.

All eight members of the U.S. House for Missouri are heavily favored for re-election this year, yet five of the eight have raised more than $1 million with three lucrative months to go. Several have campaign accounts much larger than that, money that could be significant if one of the six Republicans in the delegation emerges as a challenger to Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, in 2018.

It’s both symptomatic of, and instrumental in, the culture of incumbency that has made a vast majority of congressional elections in the United States virtual walkovers this year.

Race All Candidates Amount
Senate Roy Blunt (R)* $12,505,787
Jason Kander (D) $6,518,252
Jonathan Dine (L) $0
Kristi Nichols (R) $0
Alam, MD (D) $0
Robert Mack (D) $0
Ryan Luethy (R) $0
Bernie Mowinski (R) $0
Chief Wana Dubie (D) $0
Christopher Batsche (R) $0
Fred Ryman (3) $0
Herschel Young (L) $0
District 01 William L Clay Jr (D)* $490,515
Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D) $67,161
Bill Haas (D) $7,640
Paul Berry III (R) $0
Robb Cunningham (L) $0
Steven G Bailey (R) $0
District 02 Ann L Wagner (R)* $1,754,327
Bill Otto (D) $273,848
Arthur Lieber (D) $0
Greg Sears (R) $0
Jim Higgins (L) $0
District 03 Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)* $1,516,851
Doanita Simmons (3) $1,662
Kevin Miller (D) $0
Cynthia Davis (R) $0
Dan Hogan (L) $0
District 04 Vicky Hartzler (R)* $715,543
Gordon Christensen (D) $129,757
Jim White (D) $9,815
Mark Bliss (L) $0
Jack Truman (D) $0
District 05 Emanuel Cleaver (D)* $736,759
Michael Burris (R) $1,350
Austin Rucker (R) $310
Berton Knox (R) $0
Bob Gough (D) $0
Roy Welborn (L) $0
District 06 Sam Graves (R)* $1,181,845
Kyle Yarber (D) $2,008
Travis Gonzalez (D) $221
Matthew McNabney (D) $0
Russ Monchil (L) $0
Christopher Ryan (R) $0
David Blackwell (D) $0
Donnie Swartz (R) $0
Edwards Fields (D) $0
Kyle Reid (R) $0
District 07 Billy Long (R)* $1,107,253
Mary Byrne (R) $24,325
Lyndle Spencer (R) $2,838
Matt Canovi (R) $0
Matthew Evans (R) $0
Nathan Clay Bradham (R) $0
Steven L Reed (D) $0
Camille Lombardi-Olive (D) $0
Christopher Batsche (R) $0
Daniel Roy Nelson (R) $0
James Nelson (R) $0
Benjamin Brixey (L) $0
District 08 Jason Smith (R)* $1,292,305
Hal Brown (R) $23,996
Todd Mahn (R) $13,950
Jonathan Shell (L) $0
Phillips S. Smith (R) $0
Dave Cowell (D) $0

* Incumbent

Data last updated: 07/27/2016. | Graphic courtesy of the Center for Responsive Politics

Read more: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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