In Missouri’s top contests, it’s hard to track where the money comes from

Missouri is seeing an unprecedented flood of outside money – some of it the hard-to-trace “dark money” – aimed at the state’s candidates for the U.S. Senate and governor.

But there’s a stark contrast between how the money flows into the two contests, because of the difference in federal and state campaign-finance laws.

Missouri has no campaign-donation limits, so contributors can give as much as they want directly to the candidates. As a result, there’s been little outside spending for or against Republican Eric Greitens or Democrat Chris Koster. It’s unnecessary since there are no limits.

All those direct donations do have a downside. Missouri’s candidates, especially those running for governor, often come under fire over some of their donors.

Republican Eric Greitens, for example, has attacked Democrat Chris Koster because most of his large donations of $100,000 or more have come from labor unions. Koster, in turn, has highlighted some of Greitens’ donors who have given him $500,000 or more, especially since most have been from out of state.


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