9% of meatpacking workers diagnosed with COVID-19, CDC reports

9% of meatpacking workers across 14 states have been diagnosed with COVID-19, according to a CDC report. The health agency adds that as of May 31, COVID-19 has been linked to 86 employee deaths.

28 state health departments provided information for the CDC’s analysis.

Meatpacking plants have faced pressure to stay open and provide food amid the pandemic.

Workers must be in close contact for long periods of time. The process makes social distancing guidelines almost impossible to follow.

Throughout nearly two dozen states, over 16,200 workers have contracted the coronavirus.

The CDC also revealed that safety precautions are being followed in most work areas, but are not being implemented in others. A survey says 86 out of 111 plants are enforcing mask rules for employees. Only 41 are giving out COVID-19 tests, and 69 have installed barriers.

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