Missouri among heaviest emissions producers per person, report says

Missouri is ranked among the top U.S. states for greenhouse gas emissions per person.

The state came in sixth for the rating after West Virginia, Oklahoma, Wyoming, North Dakota and Kentucky, according to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Nine of the 10 states that produce the most emissions rely heavily on coal power or have regular cold weather, the Associated Press reports.

The study also found that wealthy Americans were responsible for much more carbon pollution than the poor, with affluent suburbs sometimes producing up to 15 times more carbon than other nearby neighborhoods.

The U.S. in general has a large carbon footprint, ranking fourth for global per capita emissions.

As climate change activists seek to reduce pollution, areas with high carbon emissions could become targets for change.

“The numbers don’t lie. They show that (with) people who are wealthier generally, there’s a tendency for their houses to be bigger and their greenhouse gas emissions tend to be higher,” study lead author Benjamin Goldstein, an environmental scientist at the University of Michigan, told the Associated Press. “There seems to be a small group of people that are inflicting most of the damage to be honest.”

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