In Missouri occupational wage rankings, health care jobs dominate top spots

The occupations with the highest hourly pay in Missouri include physicians and surgeons in Cape Girardeau ($131.28), pediatricians in St. Louis ($130.40) and psychiatrists in Kansas City ($122.34), according to a July report from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.

The report, which features wage estimates from 2018, includes the highest-paid occupations in nine geographic areas across Missouri. They range from $80.25 to $131.28.

Joplin has the lowest hourly wages for its top earners, at $80.25 for family and general practitioners. Cape Girardeau tops the list with its rate of more than $131 for physicians and surgeons.

Occupations related to health have the highest hourly wage in all nine regions. In St. Louis, nine out of 10 top occupations with the highest hourly wages are in health care, with a range from $74.18 to $130.40.

In Kansas City, seven out of the 10 occupations are related to health, with hourly wages ranging from $87.20 to $122.34.


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