Missouri’s Most Expensive Entry-Level Hires

Debra Woog, president of connect2Coaching visited the University of Missouri late last month to discuss, among other topics, women in business. Woog brought up the point that women are still falling behind men in the workplace, including making less money for the same jobs.

Missouri Business Alert then set out to answer the question: Who’s making the most money when they graduate from public colleges in Missouri? As it turns out, Woog’s notion is correct: in the vast majority of fields, men make more money. At the top of the list compiled by the Missouri Department of Higher Education are female engineers with a mean annual salary of $45,000, followed closely by male engineers and male health professionals at $43,000.

Men with degrees in law and men with degrees in public administration round off the top five highest mean annual salaries for entry-level positions, according to the study done with help from the Missouri Women’s Council last year.

The study covers all degree levels from public Missouri universities and colleges. To determine mean annual salaries, the department compiled the report for graduates of the 2009-2010 academic year and then looked to find them in the Missouri Unemployment Insurance records for the first quarter of 2011. Those wages were then multiplied by four to estimate annual earnings, according to Damon Ferlazzo of the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

For precise salary means, number of graduates placed by degree field, earnings by degree levels and earnings based on type of degree-granting institution, take a look at the full report.

Starting salaries also vary by school. Payscale.com reports Missouri University of Science and Technology receive an average of $58,600 starting salaries, where Southeast Missouri State University graduates earn an average of $34,500.

The University of Missouri and St. Louis University, which have done their own studies, report average annual starting salaries of $39,500 and $41,109 for undergraduate degree-holders across all majors, respectively.

For a full list of starting and mid-career salaries by state universities across the nation, go to Payscale.com.

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