Yellow Pages Show a Red Light to Advertisers

With the recent sale of Yellow Pages by AT&T, a lot of marketers assumed that print advertising, especially in the form of a 5-pound book dropped off at your doorstop, was dead. St. Louis online marketing firm Leap Clixx set out to survey the local market, since this was where the Yellow Pages business unit was based. Online search engines have dominated print directories for years now, but what would the general perception of the Yellow Pages be in the city that headquartered the recently sold subsidiary?

In a recent survey by Leap Clixx, a whopping 90% of respondents felt that advertising in the Yellow Pages was ineffective. When asked, “On average, how often do you use the print version of the Yellow Pages,” only 3% admitted to using it everyday, while 67% answered “Never.” This data, combined with the sale of this former cash cow should be enough evidence to convince most business owners to shift a significant portion of their advertising spend away from print advertising. Read more on St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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