Missouri Colleges Battle To Keep Students From Leaving State

The University of Missouri | Photo by Michael Stacy
The University of Missouri | Photo by Michael Stacy

Schools from across the nation are sending out squadrons of recruiters to Missouri and other states as they look to shore up enrollment in the face of a nationwide demographic shift that’s creating smaller classes of high school graduates. It’s a trend that has some critics complaining about the priorities of school administrators trying to offset declining support from state governments.

Nearly 40 percent of the University of Missouri’s current freshman class coming from other states. But MU — like others in the state — now finds itself needing to spend more time and resources defending its home turf. It’s one of the big reasons the school just created a new scholarship for high-ability Missouri students. At the same time, the school boosted its Mark Twain scholarship for out-of-state students.

While they serve their local markets, universities and community colleges in southeast Missouri continue to grow by making inroads outside the area — and around the world. Community colleges tend to attract more local students looking to train in specific sectors of the economy.

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