Missouri Pizza Hut Drivers Sue Biggest Franchisee

Pizza Hut | Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
Pizza Hut franchisee NPC International faces a lawsuit that alleges it failed to meet federal minimum wage requirements for delivery drivers. | Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

A Pizza Hut delivery driver filed a lawsuit against Overland Park, Kan.-based NPC International, alleging the world’s largest Pizza Hut franchisee fails to meet federal minimum wages when paying its delivery drivers. The lawsuit was filed as a class action.

The law says companies cannot require employees to pay for business costs, such as travel, if those costs effectively lower their hourly pay below the minimum wage. For tipped employees, including these delivery drivers, the minimum wage in Missouri is $3.68 while they’re on the road and eligible for tips.

According to the petition, Pizza Hut’s delivery drivers were paid $4.25 an hour, plus $1 for each delivery, regardless of how far the drivers had to travel. But the lawsuit contends that number falls well below the minimum wage when costs of fuel and vehicle maintenance are factored in.

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