Shakespeare’s Pizza to demolish, rebuild downtown Columbia restaurant

Shakespeare’s Pizza will demolish its iconic downtown Columbia location in late May to make way for a new development on the same property.

Kurt Mirtsching, the Manager of all three of Shakespeare’s Columbia locations said in a press release that in May the downtown restaurant will move to a temporary location about a block away from its current location. The restaurant will re-open at the current location on the ground floor of a new development sometime during the summer of 2016.

The news release indicates that the property’s joint owners want to redevelop the property, situated on the northern edge of the University of Missouri campus.

“Shakespeare’s Pizza is a Columbia icon at the corner of Ninth & Elm, but the fact is, we are a tenant and don’t own the building where we operate,” Mirtsching said in the press release.

Mirtsching said that the new restaurant will try to recreate the feel of the old restaurant, but that it won’t be exactly the same.

“We’ll bring back the original ovens that give our crust that special crunch, the same dough machine will keep cranking out tons of dough,” Mirtsching said. “We’ll even keep the same sinks where we hand-wash more than a thousand dishes every day.”


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