Dispute between Ameren, PSC endangers energy efficiency program

With the first three-year cycle of Ameren Missouri’s energy efficiency program set to expire by year’s end, the St. Louis-based utility is negotiating with the Missouri Public Service Commission over how ratepayers fund the program. If the two sides can’t resolve their dispute, rebates subsidizing new appliances and efficient light bulbs in the St. Louis region are at risk of termination.

Ameren points out that it has agreed to significantly boost its energy savings goal from the original pitch, and that it will pay for more low-income apartment efficiency programs. But consumer advocates and state regulators want to make sure customers are not overcharged, and they’re concerned that Ameren may miss the energy savings targets.

If Ameren doesn’t like regulators’ final decision, it can scrap the energy efficiency efforts altogether, which gives the company more leverage in the negotiation.

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