Report: Area companies pop up in CEO pay ratio rankings

Three area companies — Cerner, Garmin and H&R Block — showed up in a “sneak peak” preview of the pay differences between workers and CEOs.

None of the local businesses landed near the top of the rankings in a study by job and recruiting company Glassdoor. And the numbers Glassdoor used weren’t the same data companies will use to make official comparisons under federal rules starting in 2018.

Glassdoor measured CEO compensation against what it called median employee pay — its estimate of the pay level at which half the workers at the company earn more and half earn less.

Garmin, the Olathe-based maker of GPS and other devices, stood 431st among 441 companies ranked. CEO Clifton A. Pemble earned 24 times the $72,491 median employee pay at the company.

H&R Block was 135th on the list. CEO William Cobb earned 211 times the $35,488 median pay at the Kansas City-based tax preparation company.

Cerner CEO Neal Patterson earned 102 times the $65,000 median pay at the company. The North Kansas City-based company ranked 331st.

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