U.S. Supreme Court temporarily blocks EPA’s carbon emissions plan

Chris Koster, Missouri attorney general | Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Chris Koster, Missouri Attorney General | Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The United States Supreme Court has granted a temporary hold on the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations that would limit the nation’s carbon emissions from power plants. A stay application was filed by Missouri and several other states that are suing the EPA on its “Clean Power Plan,” claiming that the agency is exceeding its authority in issuing the regulations.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said he is pleased with the court’s decision, noting that Missouri’s energy producers estimate that complying with EPA’s deadlines would cost the state more than $6 billion.

The EPA’s plan aims to move the country’s energy production away from coal-burning power plants toward cleaner sources, including solar and wind power. Carbon emissions would be cut nationwide 30% by 2030.

Koster argued that Missouri is better off maintaining the competitive advantage it enjoys through low-energy costs while continuing to develop low- and zero-emission sources of energy on a more reasonable timeline.

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