As Uber pushes for statewide standards, police voice concerns

Legislation that would eliminate local regulation of ride-hailing services in favor of statewide oversight is pitting companies Uber and Lyft against local law enforcement.

Police representatives from the St. Louis area testified Tuesday before a Missouri Senate committee that doing away with local oversight of the services would jeopardize public safety.

Officials from Uber disagree. And they said Wednesday that House Bill 2330 and Senate Bill 991 would enable the company to recruit 10,000 new drivers in Missouri.

The company also said new laws would help it expand to four new Missouri cities — Jefferson City, Springfield, St. Charles and St. Joseph — by the end of 2016.

The proposed laws, which would apply to both ride-hailing services and traditional taxi companies that opt in, would require services to apply for annual permits with the Department of Revenue. The companies would then be responsible for maintaining proper insurance and hiring third-party companies to conduct background checks on drivers.

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