Grocer on wheels gets rolling in Kansas City

A new kind of food truck is making its way around parts of Kansas City, according to the Kansas City Star.

Rollin’ Grocer, which has been active for three months, is a grocery store housed in a truck that serves areas known as food deserts — places in low-income urban areas that lack proper grocery stores. People who live in these areas frequently don’t have the means to commute to markets; thus, they often lack access to proper diet and nutrition.

Rollin’ Grocer is trying to fill this gap. It visits neighborhoods where grocery stores are sparse. Customers can enter the truck and shop for items such as fresh produce, snacks and some basic necessities.

Rollin’ Grocer’s Facebook page tells residents where its next stops will be and helps the company work with communities and neighborhoods to know which areas to serve.

Similar trucks operate in St. Louis, Tulsa and Minneapolis, but they are not affiliated with Rollin’ Grocer.


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