Sprint hits another cable company with a patent suit

Sprint has launched another lawsuit in a series of cases related to its digital phone patents, this time targeting Mediacom Communications Corp., a New York-based cable provider.

Sprint’s suit, filed Friday in federal court in Delaware, claims that Mediacom’s digital phone and business phone services violated 13 Sprint patents related to voice-over-packet technology. VOP allows voice data to be transmitted in “packets,” instead of having a dedicated circuit for each call.

Sprint seeks damages in “an amount not yet determined” for each infringement, as well as a permanent injunction restraining the sale of Mediacom’s products found to violate the patents.

Several past cases related to Sprint’s VOP patents have ended in the company’s favor. In 2007, a lawsuit against New Jersey-based Vonage America Inc. resulted in a $69.5 million verdict for Sprint and an $80 million licensing agreement between the two companies.

Shanti Katona, a Polsinelli PC attorney in Delaware, represents Sprint.

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