Film fest, brewers’ friendship inspire collaboration beers

Filmgoers at this year’s True/False Film Fest can sip on two beers produced specially for the Columbia film festival thanks to a pair of Missouri craft breweries joining forces.

Logboat Brewing Company, located in Columbia, and Public House Brewing Company, based out of Rolla and St. James, started work on two specialty beers for True/False about a year ago.

What goes into developing a beer collaboration? Josh Stacy, Public House co-owner, said it grew out of a longstanding relationship between the two breweries.

“We’ve known the guys a Logboat for a long time,” Stacy said.

That’s a common theme in collaboration beers, according to Robert David, a McGill University management professor who follows the beer industry.

“In the case of microbreweries such as these, collaboration usually stems from friendships,” David said.

Compared to bigger beer producers, microbreweries tend to be more adventurous and more willing to experiment with new beers, David added.

There were 5,234 craft breweries in the U.S. as of 2016, according to the latest annual report from the Brewers Association. That was up 16.6 percent compared to the year before and more than twofold from five years earlier.

As more craft breweries pop up across the U.S., so do collaboration beers produced by those breweries.

In the case of the True/False beer, the film festival was looking for a new beer sponsor, and the two breweries had the idea to collaborate.

The breweries collaborated on a pale ale and a stout, to be combined in Black and Tans. | Zoie Brown/Missouri Business Alert

They decided to create two new beers, putting their own spin on the English drink known as the Black and Tan. “It’s an English ale, pale ale and stout traditionally,” Stacy said. “You can drink them separately, but then there’s a beer cocktail that’s a combination of the two.”

Last summer, a crew from Logboat joined the guys at Public House at their St. James brewery and began recipe development for the stout and then the pale ale.

Josh Rein, head brewer at Logboat, was passionate about the project because of his interest in developing a stout recipe. “I have never been able to develop a (stout) recipe myself,” Rein said. “I needed some insight.”

Enter the team from Public House, which helped fine-tune the beer.

Logboat was also excited about the opportunity to contribute to an event that has become a point of pride for its hometown.

“I think it’s huge. We’re really proud of the fact that we were able to sponsor this festival,” Rein said. “True/False means a lot to the city of Columbia.”

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