Bikes in the river? Startup aims to assuage concerns

Do not be alarmed, the bike-sharing startup is urging concerned residents of St. Louis: its bicycles are not meeting their untimely demise in the waters of the Mississippi River.

Two rival bike-sharing companies, LimeBike and Ofo, were authorized to debut in St. Louis this week. The app-enabled services are expected to bring up to 1,500 new bicycles to the city’s streets.

But within days of that debut, the GPS locator in the LimeBike app showed bikes in the river. LimeBike assures users that is not the case, and that GPS glitches are to blame.

But other cities to welcome bikes-sharing services have seen cycles wind up in waterways.

The services also have raised concerns about bikes being stolen or scrapped for parts or — because they operate without docking stations — causing clutter around the city.

LimeBike says it has systems in place to prevent such problems, including alarms that sound when bikes are moved without being unlocked in the app and sensors that alert LimeBike if cycles tip over.

Read more: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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