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Liying Qian was a very influential reporter of the Missouri Business Alert team in 2016. Although she is no longer an employee here at MBA, her influence still remains today. We asked Liying a couple of questions regarding her time at MBA. See her answers below.

Why were you interested in working at MBA?

“MBA is an innovative digital newsroom that welcomes and encourages multimedia storytelling and enterprise journalism. When I first came to know about MBA, I was immediately impressed by its entrepreneurial spirit, nurturing environment, collaborative culture and willingness to experiment new ways of storytelling. Led by veteran editors and staffed by a diverse group of up-and-coming reporters, MBA offers not only invaluable hands-on experience in business journalism but also great mentorship that can go a long way.”

What do you think MBA offers to the business community?

“MBA serves as a real-time news aggregator that provides readers with carefully curated, well written news digests. At the same time, it publishes original stories, insightful series and multimedia content that cover a wide range of topics such as politics, entrepreneurship and economy.”

What skills did you learn at MBA that you still use in your daily career and/or helped you advance your career?

“Skills I learned at MBA and am still using in my daily career:
– Write clearly and accurately
– Always put stories in context
– Use social media to promote stories
– Tell stories across multiple platforms
– Communicate effectively with my editor (Editor is the guardian angel of a news organization)”

What is your favorite memory of working at MBA?

“My favorite memory of working at MBA was when I brainstormed my story ideas with my editor and colleagues.”

Now that MBA is 5 years old and still progressing every day, what do you hope to see for the future of MBA?

“In the future of MBA, I’d love to see more insightful and original business content by MBA reporters. I expect MBA to continue expanding on its focus on entrepreneurship and to become one of the leading business news providers in Missouri with a better established audience.”

Thank you again, Liying, for your contributions to MBA. You’ve helped us become the reliable business outlet that we are today.

If you’d like to contact Liying or see more of her work, you can visit e-mail her at or find her on LinkedIn at

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