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Natalie Cheng was one of our highly talented Multimedia Editors at Missouri Business Alert back in 2012-2013. Although she is no longer an employee here at MBA, her influence still remains today. We asked Natalie a couple of questions regarding her time at MBA. See her answers below.

Why were you interested in working at MBA?

“Towards the end of my undergrad career at Mizzou, I got very interested in startups. I was double majoring in business and in journalism, and Missouri Business Alert combined both of those passions. Working for a digital journalism startup publication with a business focus was a perfect fit for what I was looking to pursue!”

What do you think MBA offers to the business community?

“It is critical for business leaders to be well-informed on global, national, state, and local issues. Where there are a lot of outlets that cover international, national and local news, Missouri Business Alert is a targeted, convenient, reliable resource that covers the state level. ”

What skills did you learn at MBA that you still use in your daily career and/or helped you advance your career?

” I’ve worked primarily in startups since working at MBA, and I learned a lot of that startup spirit from MBA. One of the biggest takeaways for me from MBA was to take full ownership over my own work while always having an eye toward improving and developing my team or org as a whole.”

What is your favorite memory of working at MBA?

“I loved any brainstorming session in the newsroom. With a blended academic-professional newsroom, there’s such a vitality to getting a bunch of passionate reporters and editors pitching and riffing off each other’s story ideas or work.”

Now that MBA is 5 years old and still progressing every day, what do you hope to see for the future of MBA?

“I would just love to see MBA continue to expand as both an opportunity for student or young reporters and editors to learn valuable lessons for an increasingly entrepreneurial journalistic landscape and as a resource for professionals across the country to get state-level business news.”

Thank you again, Natalie, for your contributions to MBA. You’ve helped us become the reliable business outlet that we are today. If you’d like to contact Natalie, you can reach her via e-mail at

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