Business Buzz: Amazon Prime spoof celebrates International Women’s Day

YouTube comedian Paul Gale | Courtesy fo Paul Gale/Twitter
Paul Gale | Courtesy of Paul Gale/Twitter

In recognition of International Women’s Day, YouTube comedian Paul Gale produced a parody commercial that addresses the gender wage gap in the U.S. by introducing a new — and made-up — service: Amazon Prime for Women.

According to the ad, since female employees in the U.S. earn 78 percent of their male counterparts working at the same positions, Amazon Prime for Women has reduced prices of goods to 78 percent of their original prices.

The advertisement also touts Amazon Prime for Black Women, which offers goods at 64 percent of their original price, and Amazon Prime for Hispanic Women, which discounts items to 54 percent of their normal price.

The spoof closes with a serious message: “Empathy now. Equality Now. Help end the wage gap.”

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