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In response to extended wait times to receive abortion services, Planned Parenthood will open a mobile health care unit at the southern Illinois border. Additionally, a new health clinic will open in Rolla, which is expected to provide accessible health services addressing contraception. Meanwhile, the legislative special session resumed in Jefferson City on Monday, with the Senate Appropriations Committee approving a package of agricultural tax credits. And, Kansas City estimates that the city will save $32 million over five years as a result of more than 200 employees accepting an early retirement offer. Keep reading for these and the rest of your Tuesday business stories below.

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Planned Parenthood announces Illinois on-the-go abortion clinic

The St. Louis-area branch announced the country's first mobile abortion clinic, along with a new health center in Rolla. (MBA)

Senate panel approves tax credits package targeting rural Missouri

The package would extend the length of benefits to six years from a previously proposed two years. Gov. Mike Parson vetoed the package in June, seeking a $40 million deal. (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

Voters remain split on marijuana legalization in Missouri

Recent polls show Amendment 3 support is divided in the state. One poll showed only 43% of voters support the amendment while another said 48% support it. (Missouri Independent)

KC's right-to-counsel program helped nearly 400 tenants facing eviction

Founded in June, the Kansas City program aided in getting residents legal counsel in more than 350 cases in the Jackson County Circuit Court. (KCUR)

KC hopes to save money by paying employees to retire

The city estimates it will save $32 million in the next five years with a new program encouraging its employees to take retirement. (Kansas City Business Journal)

United service between St. Louis and San Francisco will not return

Experts cited the pilot shortage as a major factor behind airlines cutting service from smaller markets. (St. Louis Business Journal)

Canadian Pacific and KC Southern merger on hold

Competitors are looking to stall the combination by forcing extended hearings with the Surface Transportation Board, the country's biggest rail regulator. (Kansas City Business Journal)

Centene stockholders pass changes to company's governance

The Clayton-based health care giant approved the three changes Friday. (St. Louis Business Journal


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I don't really see any relief in sight on that yet. Cans are up at least six cents per unit this year over the last couple of years. ... We just had to absorb those costs internally because of that.”

That's Chris Byars, co-owner of Bees Knees Brewing in Versailles, explaining how rising prices have made operating the brewery and restaurant more expensive. He and his wife, co-owner Pam Byars, have become strategic in the way that they order supplies, carefully evaluating both the price and quality of the ingredients. Aluminum and barley prices have increased, which also raises the cost of the brewery's primary product — beer.

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That’s the average pay per hour for Supplemental Nutrition Education Program workers in the Midwest. The salary means that sometimes employees of the government-run food education program qualify for food benefits themselves, Harvest Public Media reports. Missouri increased its base rate pay to $17 from $13.57 in July, but many other neighboring states continue to pay a lower hourly rate. These low wages have led to high turnover rates within these departments.

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Affirma Wear

Founded in 2014, this Kansas City-based clothing retailer creates post-surgical garments designed to boost confidence after a gender transitioning surgery. Startland News reports that it currently offers compression shorts, shapewear and a swimwear line. Founder Laura Treas focuses on creating clothing for people of all shapes and sizes, providing personal consultations for each client to ensure that the garments fit their specifications.

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