Global Glance: Japan says Pacific Rim pact offers best trade deals; GM halts operations in Venezuela

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Here are today’s top business headlines from across the nation and world:

Japan says Pacific Rim pact offers best trade deals

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese officials are indicating Tokyo intends to pursue the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact despite the U.S. withdrawal from the agreement. In comments reported by the national broadcaster NHK on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso said he believed the TPP trade talks would offer greater advantages to Japan than bilateral negotiations with the U.S. Read more

GM halts operations in Venezuela after factory is seized

DETROIT (AP) — General Motors has stopped doing business in Venezuela after authorities took control of its only factory there in what GM called an illegal judicial seizure of its assets. The plant was confiscated on Wednesday as anti-government protesters clashed with authorities in a country that is roiling in economic troubles such as food shortages and triple-digit inflation. The Detroit automaker said in a statement Thursday that other assets such as vehicles were taken from the plant, causing irreparable damage to the company. Read more

Law change could boost little-used state crowdfunding laws

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Startups across the country could soon get a boost thanks to changes in federal rules that will make it easier for them to find local investors. In the past five years, more than 30 states have legalized state crowdfunding, an offshoot of equity crowdfunding that allows small companies to sell stock but limits the sales to residents of their own states. Fewer than 200 companies have tried it, partly because most are prohibited from sharing links to their crowdfunding campaigns on social media, crowdfunding’s primary fuel. Read more

Pesticide maker tries to kill risk study

WASHINGTON (AP) — Dow Chemical is pushing the Trump administration to scrap the findings of federal scientists who point to a family of widely used pesticides as harmful to about 1,800 critically threatened or endangered species. Lawyers representing Dow, whose CEO also heads a White House manufacturing working group, and two other makers of organophosphates sent letters last week to the heads of three Cabinet agencies. The companies asked them “to set aside” the results of government studies the companies contend are fundamentally flawed. Read more

Once critical of global deals, Trump slow to pull out of any

WASHINGTON (AP) — The “America First” president who vowed to extricate America from onerous overseas commitments appears to be warming up to the view that when it comes to global agreements, a deal’s a deal. From NAFTA to the Iran nuclear agreement to the Paris climate accord, President Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric is colliding with the reality of governing. Despite repeated pledges to rip up, renegotiate or otherwise alter them, the U.S. has yet to withdraw from any of these economic, environmental or national security deals, as Trump’s past criticism turns to tacit embrace of several key elements of U.S. foreign policy. Read more

O’Reilly’s departure creates new challenges at Fox

NEW YORK (AP) — With its biggest star departing in another blowup over sexual harassment, Fox News faces some big challenges. It now has to show that it can hang on to its loyal army of conservative viewers, improve its working culture, and still continue to make big bucks for its corporate parent. The company said Wednesday that it had parted ways with longtime host Bill O’Reilly after a “thorough and careful review of allegations against him.” Dozens of advertisers ditched “The O’Reilly Factor” after a New York Times report detailed $13 million in payouts to five women over his alleged abusive behavior; more allegations subsequently emerged. (O’Reilly denied the accusations.) Read more

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