Where Would Federal Budget Cuts Hit Missouri Hardest?



The White House on Sunday released a state-by-state report of what it projected as the effects of the so-called sequestration, detailing what programs and entities would be impacted by the spending cuts set to be enacted if Congress and the president do not agree on a budget by midnight tonight. Republican leadership has called the projections into question, saying the White House report exaggerates the effects of the cuts.

But, per the report, Missouri would see losses in funding for education, health care,  child care, law enforcement, violence prevention, job-search assistance, military operations and environmental regulations.

In addition to $70 million that would be cut from Army and Air Force operations in the state, another $40.3 million would be cut from the Department of Defense. In the White House projections, Missouri ranks 29th overall in gross pay reduction but ninth in the reduction of Air Force spending.

Environmental agencies would see $3.7 million in cuts, the report says. That would compound challenges for programs like the Department of Natural Resources’ water protection program, which is already projected to run a $3 million deficit this year.

Missouri education, the report says, would also be hit hard. The state would lose $11.9 million for primary and secondary education, which the White House says translates to 17,000 fewer students being served. Missouri ranks 19th among the 50 states in the size of projected cuts to education.

A $758,000 cut in job-search assistance services would affect about 25,460 Missourians, according to the report. Among the 50 states, Missouri would have the 12th largest amount of money cut from its job search assistance programs.

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