Kinder: ‘I Believe We Will Pass Right-To-Work Next Year’

USE FOR FEATURED IMAGE: Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder | Photo from
Peter Kinder | Photo from

After Republican legislators were unable to garner enough support to send a “right-to-work” bill to Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon’s desk during the legislative session this spring, backers of the legislation, which would reduce the power of labor unions, are gearing up for another push in 2014. Some have suggested putting a right-to-work measure on a referendum ballot for voters, thus circumventing Nixon, who would almost certainly veto such a bill. However, others are concerned about the response a ballot measure might engender from labor groups. Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is among those in support of taking the issue to voters. “I believe we will pass right-to-work next year and bypass (Nixon) entirely by putting it on the referendum ballot for voters,” Kinder said.

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