Labor groups join fight over right-to-work

When it comes to a discussion about right-to-work, and whether Missouri should adopt that idea as its labor policy, organized labor and the group Americans for Prosperity are clearly on opposite sides of the debate.

But they do seem to agree on one thing: Missourians should let their lawmakers know how they feel.

The summer goal of Americans for Prosperity was to educate citizens on “why this is right for our state,” Rachel Payton, AFP-Missouri’s deputy director, explained last week. The group hopes that citizens will take the opportunity to speak with lawmakers about the issue.

Missouri AFL-CIO Director Mike Lewis said last week: “We’re more of a grassroots type of organization. … Our greatest tool is the fact that our members talk about this, and our member-to-member education has been a tremendous asset for us.”

The two groups are approaching their statewide campaigns differently.

AFP announced a “six-figure” ad buy, mainly for commercials to run on television stations around Missouri. Lewis said labor is focused on a social media and word-of-mouth effort to get people to call their lawmakers.

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