Women in Entrepreneurship: Event Format Survey

Please read the following 2 event scenarios and answer the following questions.

This survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete and your response will be anonymous.

  • Event Format #1: Story Time

    Three female entrepreneur speakers present to a room for 15-20 minutes each to tell the story of their struggles, successes and lessons learned.

    Following the presentations, all three speakers would come up on stage to host a Q&A panel, in which audience members could ask questions.

    Following the Q&A, attendees would be able to participate in a networking happy hour.

    The event would also be live-streamed for people unable to attend in person.
  • Event Format #2: Table Hop

    Attendees are organized into groups of 10. Each group is sent to a small breakout room to interact with one of three successful women entrepreneurs.

    In each room, the entrepreneur speaks for 5-10 minutes about what it is they do, then the small group opens up for discussion. Attendees can ask questions, get feedback and interact with the speaker and other group members.

    After 30 minutes, each group rotates to the next breakout room to meet the next speaker. The rotations continue until all groups have met with all speakers.

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